Access to consultation, by video or phone

The consultation can concern children, adults and the elderly.
These are people who want to have a natural solution to their health problems.


L’accès aux soins, par vidéo ou téléphone

Le nouveau service de téléconsultation Bonjour-santé est la solution simple et sécuritaire qui permet aux médecins de prodiguer des soins à distance, par visioconférence ou téléphone. La plateforme sécuritaire et accessible partout au Québec assure un accès de soins de santé à distance, en tout temps.

Video conferencing or telephone

I use my homeopathic tools to bring natural supplements to their problems: I suggest homeopathic drugs that are always compatible with their doctor’s prescriptions, if there are any.

I give a naturopathic receipt for each consultation.

Consultation and Teleconsultation

Safe Medicines for Children and Pregnant Women

Another major advantage of homeopathic treatments is that they have no known side effects and no chemical toxicity. There are also no contraindications or interactions with other drugs. Pregnant women and children from an early age can therefore follow homeopathic treatment without danger. “The only risk is to take the wrong medicine and get no action.”

Complementary treatments to conventional drugs

“Homeopathic drugs are useful and effective as a complement to conventional drugs without the risk of interaction”. Indeed, there are no contraindications to taking conventional and homeopathic treatments simultaneously. “For example, to treat bacterial angina, antibiotics can be administered together with homeopathic medicines to relieve pain in particular. “

Solutions to prevent, relieve and correct acute and chronic diseases

Homeopathy is very useful to alleviate the symptoms of many acute illnesses, such as ORL disorders, coughs, colds, angina, allergies, painful periods or aches, bumps. Homeopathy is also recommended in chronic diseases, such as anxiety, herpes, venous disorders, musculoskeletal disorders. Homeopathy is also very useful to relieve the side effects of cancer treatments, such as nausea, to accompany the stress related to the announcement of the disease or to prepare for surgery”. Finally, it also has a preventive action to limit the frequency and intensity of acute episodes that poison the lives of patients.

Homeopathic granules easy and practical to take

Simply keep the tube on you to take your granules at the time indicated by your health care professional. Another advantage for children who are reluctant to take medication is that the granules have a pleasant taste and can melt in water.

Safe, high-quality drugs

Homeopathic drugs are reliable and manufactured according to a safety process that involves rigorous quality controls of raw materials and traditional manufacturing combined with high technology. These are prescribed and recommended by health professionals (doctors, pharmacists, midwives and homeopaths).

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